The birth of Dimello

In 2002, after a few decades of experience in coffee distribution and import, Attica Terra S.A., a family business started by Mr Ioannis Iosifidis and Ms Niovi Kallergi, founded Dimello, a 100% Greek brand.

ΗThey started as a few people in a small factory located in the suburbs of Athens, amongst the vibrant coffee culture of Greece.

They were a team with a few decades of coffee experience between them and a mission to come together to craft cultured, well balanced coffees that could be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.


Onwards to the top

After four years of research and evolution, in 2006 the company integrated an espresso industrial unit of high technology with advanced infrastructure and equipment for espresso Dimello and a production capacity of 3,5 tons per day.

Within a growing coffee market, the company begun embracing contemporary techniques and evolving to become an internationally recognized and requested coffee brand.


Rise to prominence

By 2014, Dimello had established long lasting relationships with clients in the wholesale field, marking its name as a great quality coffee brand. Working to the underlying principle that they are ultimately in a people business.

At the same time, a complete automated production line for 1kg packages was launched, expanding production capacity to 9 tons per day.



Having upgraded the production line with a pre-cleaning system for green coffee in 2017 and launched new product lines of ground filter and espresso for the retail sector, the Dimello coffee creation team has grown over the last decades; yet everyone present from the very beginning is still around.

Staying true to the family feel, Mediterranean roots and the team’s desire to create only the finest coffee to bear the Dimello name, the company’s entrepreneurial spirit is slowly passed on the new generation.

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Credem ca adevarata maiestrie este obtinuta in zilele noastre prin imbinarea traditiei cu evolutia tehnologica. Aceasta combinatie de arta si inovatie ne permite sa aducem, in mod constant, cea mai buna cafea direct din plantatie pana la ceasca de cafea.



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